about me

I'm a product leader, software engineer, and applied innovation theorist currently based out of Los Angeles, CA. 

Most of my work explores the intersection of new technology, innovation practices, and finance - and ultimately their affect on the world more broadly.

A large motivation for creating this site for me was sharing, exploring, and building of new ideas. If something I say resonates, you have an idea for something we can work on, or if you'd just like to chat, please reach out to me either on LinkedIn or via email using the links below.

a vision for my work

I hope to see my work support the protection of individual autonomy and the democratization of innovation. 

Through research, open-source projects, and community building, I aim to contribute to the zeitgeist of broader efforts in understanding how we organize people and resources to achieve a productive, creative, and just world.

Innovation is a collective action that occurs at the intersection of diverse people, ideas, and mediums. It is inherently an act of human expression, and anything produced out of that act, whether it be product, art, or theory, is a manifestation of the intention and interaction of the collaborators' participation.

my innovation thesis

inspirations and ideas

I've included some media that has stuck with me throughout the years, whether for it's technical abilities, insights, or just plain enjoyment.

If you have some time, consider exploring them further - they may spark some ideas for you as well.

Media Links