How Non-Linear Strategies Can Revolutionize MVP Creation with the Puzzle Piece Framework
By Patrick Hocking | |
This article challenges the traditional linear approach to product development, proposing instead a non-linear framework inspired by solving puzzles. By viewing MVPs as a culmination of interconnected proof of concepts rather than a predefined path, product teams can iterate more naturally, leading to faster and more effective MVPs. The Puzzle Piece Framework encourages creativity, adaptation, and dynamic problem-solving, offering a refreshing alternative to conventional methodologies.
Understanding Stablecoin Depegging Events with the Digital Asset Monitor
By Patrick Hocking | |
Moody's Analytics recently launched it's Digital Asset Monitor product, an AI-based risk assessment platform for the monitoring and prediction of depegging events of stablecoins. As a co-author of the DeFi Integrated Risk Assessment (DIRA) methodology, I'm excited to see this work come to fruition, as well as the feedback we have received from the market thus far.